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Ufo- Alarm 3d - The Pylon Attack

The imperious leader of the pylons has decided to make an example by destroying the human civilisation because the inhabitants of the solar system never payed any tribute to the mighty pylonian empire.

But the human race is not defenseless. Smart pilots in fast fighter ships will face the enemy and fight any ivasion foces.

You are one of these pilots and your mission is to defeat enemy resistance throughout the whole solar system.

Fast 3d- space shooter with excellent graphics, a lot of action and not too many brain...

The Witches' Soup

The great council of the witches has decided that the witches' sabbath will be celebrated inside your gingerbread house this year.

As the host you have to coock the traditional witches' soup that will be sipped during the witching hour.

But the ingredients are only growing inside the hidden caves where many monsters and ghosts are haunting....

Jump and run game with five different underground caves.

Clown Fish Adventure

Fishy, the little clownfish, has got a great problem:

An evil predatory fish has stolen the eggs with his future childs and scattered them everywhere.

In many levels, he has to save them by bringing them back while evil creatures are attacking him and try to kill him.


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