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The Witches' Soup

© 2009 Matthias Döbbelt

Since the dawn of civilization the witches' sabbath is celebrated after halloween at midnight. During the celebrations, the high council of the witches is taking its consultations and sipps the traditional witches' soup.

Last year the high council has decided that you are the host of the next sabbath this year and that you have to cook the soup with the proper ingredients, otherwise your gingerbread house will be destroyed by a huge thunderstorm.

Only the freshest ingredients can be taken, so the witch has to start the collecting in the late afternoon of helloween when the cauldron for the sabbath is already cooking. But it is very dangerous to get the ingredients, because they are growing only in the deepest parts of dark caves where many monsters and ghosts are haunting !

The more the light of the day is fading and darkness arises from the graves, the more the witching hour is coming nearer and the creatures of the underground are creeping to the surface....

There are six different kinds of ingredients to drop into the cauldron. Eight toads, eight worms, eight tombflowers, eight pieces sulfur ash and eight vampire herbs have to be added to the soup. The toads are the flesh for the soup, the worms and the tombflowers give thair wonderful taste to it, the vampire herbs are having a delicious aftertaste and the sulfur ash is giving the right smell to the soup. The last ingredient is a golden cock that has to be given into the nearly readied soup.

Witches' Soup is an atmospheric jump and run arcade- game for young and old. Take a broomstick- ride above the colorful landscape and explore the five underground caves. But avoid being eaten by the monsters!

Needed space on harddisc : 20,4 MB
Length of ZIP-File for download: 1,23 MB
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