screenshot of asteriods and aliens in this action game screenshot of asteriods and aliens in this space shooter game

UFO Alarm

© 2001 Matthias Döbbelt

Hunting ufos between the asteroids.

Terrible, horrible greenish aliens dare to occupie our solar system. Stop their plans by destroying the invasion force in the asteroid belt.

You have a spacecraft, which can be turned with the left- or the right arrow key. Use the up- or down key to gather or to decrease your speed. Laser guns are fired by the shiftkeys.

Collisions with regulary asteroids are harmless, but try to prevent the lava- asteroids. Trying to ram an alien spacecraft is not so harmless and to be hitten by enemy fire causes many dangers, too.

Try to catch the redcross-modules, because this will increase your shield-energy. Your ammunition can be refilled by catching an ammunition-module. Be sure that you have enough modules left, when your energy or ammunition is really low.

At the beginning of the game, you are in a part of the asteroid-belt, in which are not so many and not so dangerous enemys. Destroy as many of them until their number is decreased down to five and you have solved your first mission. But fifteen other levels are waiting for you and number and skills of your enemys make it not easier to solve your missions.

Needed space on harddisk : 2,5 MB
ZIP-file : 143 KB

Have a lot of fun by defeating the occupiers !!

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