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Indianer James

And the gold of the tolteks

© 2001 Matthias Döbbelt

New secrets and adventures...

It took not many time to blow all the money, that our superhero has grabbed in his last adventure. So he needs a new possibility to make more money to continue his extremly excessive way of life.

Fortunately archaelogists detected some strange caves below the old pyramids in central america which were built by the tolteks.

James expets many tons of gold and other treasury inside this mysterious hollows, especially the great treasure of Quezalquatl.

So he gets the next plane, drives to the pyramids, jumps into the hole, and is caught up in the next mess - because these caves are haunted too...

Running and climbing with the arrow-keys, jumping by trying the shift-key.

Used harddisc-space : 1,5 MB
ZIP-file : 96 KB

Grab all you can grab and aviod the nasty monsters !!

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