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Indianer James

And the secret of the pyramid

© 2001 Matthias Döbbelt

Through the deepest chambers to the hidden gold...

Indianer James, the famous notorious daredevil and adventurer, found out that some secret passages and caves have been discovered within the legandary Cheops-pyramid in Egypt. Many worthy treasures are expected to be there, especially the great treasure of the old egyptian god Amun.

So it takes no wonder that old needy James couldn't avoid to use his chance for adventuring and treasure-robbering, because he needs to finance his expensive partys and drinking-competitions.

But as soon as he arrives in the hidden chambers, he has to recognize that they are haunted by many ugly nasty creatures...

In this jump and run arcade- game, you can run and climb with the cursor keys. If you want to jump, try the shift-key.

Needed harddisk-space : 1,5 MB
ZIP-file : 96 KB

So, try to discover the secrets and grab all the gold you can find !!

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