screenshot of clown fish action game screenshot of clown fish action game

Clown Fish Adventure

© 2009 Matthias Döbbelt

A little action game in a colorful underwater terrain.

Fishy, the little clown fish, has got a great problem:

An evil predatory fish has stolen the eggs with his future children and scattered them everywhere.

So now he has to save them in face of many dangers like stuipd fishes, crabs, octopuses and sharks. This adventure takes him deeper and deeper into the heart of the ocean. The more the light fades, the more evil creatures will come out of the shadows...

Fishy's great adventure is a colorful action game that will entertain you for many hours...

Used harddrivespace : 10 MB
ZIP-file : 475 KB
This program is shareware, full version only 2,49 USD!

Take the graet journey to save your future childeren!

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